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From Explorations of rigidity and fluidity slide and onwards:

My ‘Interruptions’ Project  began from observational sketches of cloth and rope similar to Alison Watt’s work.  From here I noticed the contrast between rigidity and fluidity and looked at different ways of exploring this in painting and sketching waves against rocks.  I decided to alter and narrow my theme so I could think more extensively. This developed into ‘Interruptions’ and my initial studies were concerned with how I explore this using different materials and techniques, including an attempt to interrupt the passage of diluted acrylic running down paper with masking tape and oil pastel.  I then moved to exploring intervention of free flowing fabric in ‘Bound’. To further the project, I wanted to relate ‘Interruptions’ to a natural subject and so focused on the relationship between flowing water and rocks.  The extension of forms in my developed ‘Boundaries’ pictures represent this.

Joan Eardley’s working methods inspired me to paint my project outcome of Canty Bay I in situ and using oil on board. I spent 3 hours in strong winds and rain.  I liked how the rain incorporated in the painting as it ran down the canvas and took oil paint with it and when grasses scored the paint while carrying it. I would find it interesting to further develop this project using different mediums.

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